Imagine setting up your perfect wedding and spending days and days of time, effort, and headaches to make everything perfect. Brings a smile to your face, doesn’t it? Then imagine that in one phone call with your venue, everything comes crashing down. Now you cannot have your photographer of choice, and your DJ will not be able to play at the venue either. Then you get the printed menus and they are laid out so poorly, that you are now a week before the Big Day, and that huge payment to the venue all of a sudden became worthless!

Wedding planning is a huge undertaking, and all you want is a memory that will last a lifetime. The venue is very important, and when you research and find one, that everything else should fall into place. But what happens many times, is a problem called vendor overrides. This is when a venue (especially those rated as 4-5 stars) can put into place charges that they assess the VENDORS to conduct the ceremony.  If a photographer wants to charge $1000 for a package, and the venue requires them to surrender 10-20% of your revenue back to the host, then they are going to either be charging more… or decline to work at the venue of your choosing.

The most despicable part of this practice, is that these venues do not disclose this to the guests having the wedding. So they charge you $8,000, $12,000, and sometimes over $20,000 to the bride and groom, and THEN extort hundreds of dollars from then vendors who are in charge of making your ceremony happen.

Why are we talking about this? Because there is a couple, right now in the Florida Keys, going through hell because their so called 5-Star venue is not only extorting the money from their vendors, but requiring them to carry $2 million liability insurance PLUS $2 million riders on their automobile insurance to conduct the ceremony.  And a special note.. this is not a temporary rider on the auto insurance, but one that has the resort’s name on the policy for a FULL YEAR!

It is now one week before the ceremony, and after spending an entire weekend on the phone with the venue, they have lost the photographer, lost the DJ, had the meal menus changed and are in a state of meltdown. They have guests coming in from all over the world, and they cannot possibly reach them to get their menu choices in time for the venue’s deadline.

The resort is now offering to use their vendors, but at a cost so high it exceeds their budget! Despicable!

Now they are making arrangements with friends to do their music, and to have several wedding guest take photos instead of not having a photographer. They are not sure about what is happening with the food since the total collapse of their plans has overwhelmed them.

This is what Ceremonies in Paradise absolutely forbids. First we select the best of the best in regards to each cog of the wedding process. From photographers, to planners, to wedding officiant, to entertainment, to the venue itself, we control every aspect. A wedding is like a machine. Each part engineered to work in harmony with every other part to ensure smooth operation. The madness behind the scenes is totally invisible to the bride and groom. Each part well synchronized to flow smoothly and give you the memory that you deserve.

To be a part of the Ceremonies in Paradise team, a vendor has to have credentials. Their work ethic has to be impeccable. Their mastery of their craft has to be breathtaking. We want to have people who not only are good, but to take the same care in giving you your ceremony to remember as if it were their own.

So as you desire to take the plunge and have the ceremony of a lifetime, or just have a simple vow renewal or elopement, Ceremonies in Paradise can handle everything from top to bottom, and make your event a memorable one.


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