Picture of a beautiful sunset taken at Coconut Palm Inn 3 days after Hurricane Irma,

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, as in all catastrophic events, there has been both horrific destruction and miraculous mercy; senseless looting and acts of selfless kindness; loss of jobs/homes/possessions and promises of opportunity and rebuilding. Lost pets have been found, angel statues have appeared among the rubble and humans have linked arms together in a bond symbolic of the fragile, yet resilient island chain which is ready to receive their healing help.

As we read the stories and see first hand the events playing out around us both big and small, we all ask “What can I do?”  One of the first things we did professionally was to begin writing to our clients to reassure them that, in the words of my friend and colleague, Ana Baidet “cancelling your wedding” is not your best option.

For the majority of couples, weddings scheduled the next 2-3 months have been in planning mode for almost a year or more. Wouldn’t you want to minimize the impact of any changes by sitting back, thinking carefully and most importantly getting a clear picture from your planner/venue manager/vendors first? Then proceed by keeping as much of your original plan in place while still ensuring the success of your wedding day and the comfort/safety of you and your guests.

Happily, due to the proactive and professional actions of our dynamic Florida Keys Wedding Community, many couples are doing just that … and we are proceeding with your celebrations as close to possible as we can to your original plan.

Ceremonies by Kat, your Wedding Officiant in the Florida Keys and beyond… is no different. I am committed to being your celebrant come ceremony time; whenever and wherever this may be. As always, I am part of your dream team and here to advocate for your most memorable wedding ceremony.

This includes any future couples who may be looking ahead to having their nuptials here in Paradise. The same phenomenal planners, caterers, photographers, floral designers, musicians/DJs and rental companies who were here before the storm are ready to welcome you with open arms to bring your wedding vision to life. Trees grow  back, buildings get rebuilt and services get restored.

The coral reefs that we call home are still here and buzzing with activity as we prepare for the return of our many many visitors to come … including you and your loved ones on YOUR WEDDING DAY in FLORIDA!!!


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